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 Best Media BM-2000

Best Media BM-2000 Hard Drive Karaoke Player
HIGH DEFINITION HDTV (1080 Pixels - HDMI Output)

Our Number One Best-Selling
Karaoke Hard Drive Player

                 Copy DVD/VCD Disks Onto Hard Disk
            (2TB Chinese Version Comes With 32,000 Songs)
         (All Vietnamese 2TB Version Comes With 8,000 Songs)
             (ComboCV Version Comes With 42,000 Songs)
             (ComboCC Version Comes With 45,000 Songs)


$849.00 (2 TB Chinese Version)

$699.00 (2 TB All Vietnamese Version)
$1249.00 (
3.5 TB ComboCV Version)
(2 TB Chinese + 1.5 TB Vietnamese on External HDD)
$1249.00 (3.5 TB ComboCC Version)
(2 TB Chinese + 1.5 TB Chinese Sung by
Mainland China Singers on External HDD)

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The Best Media BM-2000 (BM2000) HD HDMI HDD Karaoke Player supersedes the discontinued BM-1000 II. With a built-in single 2,000 GB (2TB) large capacity hard disk, the Best Media Chinese version HDD Karaoke Player machine (karaoke jukebox) comes loaded with 32,000 high-quality songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, English, and Hakanese. The 2 TB All Vietnamese (Viet) song version comes with 8,000 high-quality Vietnamese songs. The older 10,000 Vietnamese versions contained 6,000 Vietnamese songs. The New 3.5 TB ComboCV version is the 2 TB Chinese version plus the 10,000 song 1.5 TB Vietnamese version on a separate external 1.5 TB USB drive. The 3.5TB ComboCC version is the 2TB Chinese version plus a separate 1.5TB external drive with 13,000 additional non-duplicated Chinese songs. The external drive must be connected to either one of the BM-2000's two USB ports when the BM-2000 is powered OFF. (The external drive is read-only). Full HD1080p High Definition DVD quality picture and music, HDMI high definition output. Copy CD/DVD/VCD Disks onto hard disk. It’s capability of recording any DVD and VCD discs onto the hard drive makes it so much easier for users to add their favorite music into the collection. BM-2000 comes with a USB device that allows you to playback any supported MP3, MPEG, DivX, VOB & JPEG files anytime. This multimedia karaoke machine also has an HDMI output which provides Full 1080P High Definition videos for its consumers. Its easy to use on-screen navigation, excellent audio and video quality make the BM-2000 the most desirable entertainment system for home and commercial users! The Best Media BM-2000 High Definition Karaoke-on-Demand Player and recorder is the best in karaoke machines!

Please note that the HDMI interface carries the high-definition digital video information, while audio information (L/R) is carried by two separate audio cables with RCA pin plugs at their ends. This is because while the video and audio contents of the disk are digital, the audio from your microphone is analog and therefore cannot be ported to the HDMI output.

The Best Media BM-2000 HDMI Karaoke Player is shipped in the standard NTSC video (NOT HDTV) mode. In order to setup the BM-2000 for high definition, simply plug the HDMI cable to the HDMI input on your TV and RAPIDLY press the "KEY" button on the remote control TEN TIMES. You will then see a digital image but in low definition. Go into the  SETUP mode by pressing the "Setup" button on the remote control. In setup, choose full 1080p or 1080i/720p/480p as the video format. The output will, of course, be set to HDMI. To toggle the “Video Format” and “Output” back and forth between HDMI and standard video, RAPIDLY press the “KEY” button on the remote control TEN TIMES.

To change the background video on a preloaded song, choose a song with a blue musical note icon next to it, and while the song is playing, press the "subtitle" key located on the bottom of the remote control unit. There are a total of 4 to 5 different background videos to choose from, depending on the song.
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  • Ability to record  DVD/VCD/CD discs onto its hard drive
  • HDMI Output – Full 1080p or 1080i/720p/480p HD Video Quality
  • Easy to use on-screen navigation
  • Dual Mode: Play from hard drive (Karaoke mode) or DVD Loader (All region DVD mode)
  • Reserve up to 99 songs in que at once
  • Multiple Language Interface:
  • English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & Vietnamese
  • Removable hard drive for future expansion
  • Playback any supported MP3, MPEG, DivX, VOB & JPEG files through the USB port of your computer.


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    Version: Chinese 2 TB  All Vietnamese 2 TB
      ComboCV 3.5 TB ComboCC 3.5 TB
    Remote Control: English Remote Control Chinese Remote Control

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