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VocoPro HV-1200 Professional
High Power Vocal Amplifier

 VocoPro HV-1200 Professional High Power Vocal Amplifier

SEE IT FOR LESS? CALL 1-888-640-1711


The VocoPro HV-1200 Vocal Mixing Amplifier is Designed for P.A. Speakers! The majority of vocal mixing amplifiers are designed for use at home or to operate with small KTV boxes, so they're usually built with less power amp ICs then the HV-1200, and are unreliable for powering large P.A. speakers. The VocoPro HV-1200 is a true high power PA vocal mixing amplifier that utilizes VocoPro's proven VP-600 PRO power amplifier designed with five-way protection, making this a true high power workhorse. And it's a first class mixer as well, using VocoPro's custim designed DSP Echo / Reverb board for the highest standards in vocal effects. And oh yes, there's also a built in compressor to prevent distortion from excessive audio levels on all the microphone channels.

  • 300W + 300W RMS Power Output
  • 600W + 600W Max Power Output
  • 5-Way Protection Circuitry Ensures Proper Power System Performance
  • ±8 Step Digital Key Controller for Adjusting the Musical Key to Fit Your Vocal Range
  • 7-Band Graphic Equalizer to Fine Tune the Sound of Your Source Audio
  • Master Level Music, Mic & Effect Controls
  • 4 RCA A/V Input Channels
  • Built-in Compressor for Preventing Audio Peaks on Mic Channels
  • Digital Reverb & Echo Vocal Effects for Professional Sounding Vocals
  • 4 Microphone Channels with 1/4" and XLR Input Jacks and 3-Way Tone Controls
  • Vocal Cancel & Vocal Eliminator Audio Modes for Removing Vocals from Source Audio
  • Music & Microphone Loop Channels for External Effects Integration


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